Wendy Hayes


Why do you work in this field?
Addiction is a horrible disease, and we need as many warriors as possible in the field to fight it.

How long have you worked in this field?
Two and a half years professionally; however personally (with family & friends) it has been a lifetime.

What do you bring to the table?
A relentless desire to make a difference and to help others succeed.

What are your ‘Super Powers’?
Finding the "silver lining", even when it seems non-existent.

What do you love about yourself?
That in what has become an extremely narcissistic world I always put others first.

What’s your favorite positive quote?
Kind of choosey, but, "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosqauito" - Dala Lama

What words best describe you?
I had to go for outside help on this one because I'm not much for talking about myself, the response I got was: loving, caring, and compassionate.

Positive things you like to do?
Anything outdoors connecting with God & nature. On rainy days nothing beats a good crime book.

What do you like best about your job?
Seeing "the transformation" ... there's no much that is more satisfying than seeing the progress our clients make each day.

What’s the greatest thing you ever did?
Become a mother - I have 2 girls (15 & 22) and they are both so amazing, I couldn't be more proud!

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?
I've been told by those that have "caught" me that I am quite the singer, but I save that for the car & shower.

Who are your ‘mentors’?
My mother - she is an angel on earth! If I end up being half the woman she is, I will consider myself successful.

What is something you think everybody deserves to have?
Forgiveness and a second chance.

How do you see yourself?
I see myself as a good person in general. I am independent & responsible, but also a little quirky in a good way once you get to know me.


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