Intensive Outpatient Treatment, also known as IOP for “Intensive Outpatient Program”, is a primary treatment program recommended by a clinical and medical assessment for recovery of drug or alcohol treatment program.

Intensive Outpatient Program IOP Murrieta CATo better understand who we are and about our Intensive Outpatient Program – IOP, in Murrieta, CA, we have established a brief overview for you. If you have additional questions you would like addressed, you may contact us using the our Contact Us form. To schedule an appointment or arrange for an individual assessment, please call us at (877) 309-4311.

Intensive Outpatient Programs may be recommended for those who may not need detox or a residential facility. Following a successful detox, an IOP can also enable people to continue their recovery therapy on a part-time, yet intensive schedule designed to accommodate personal and professional life.

Start rebuilding your life by mending your important family and professional ties right away by participating in our intensive outpatient program. With our intensive outpatient treatment program you will be able to establish a foundation for long term recovery support from the start of your treatment.

Through our Intensive Outpatient Program, you will receive services through group therapy, but are also assigned an individual therapist you will meet with on a weekly basis while in treatment. Group sizes are small and do not exceed 10 people, allowing for a safe environment.

With an outpatient program like the IOP offered by Solutions Based Treatment & Detox, you continue to live at your own home during the recovery process. You remain in control of your own life. You can still go to work or get a job, and begin rebuilding your personal and professional life, with the help and support you receive from our program. You are responsible for participating in the treatment programs at the local center, according to your scheduled treatment plan.