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Dr. Anil Sharma, M.D., MBA

Medical Director

With more than 25 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Anil Sharma is a board-certified Psychiatrist and clinical pharmacologist. Expert in psychotic disorders, addiction and substance abuse, Dr. Sharma holds various medical director and Chairman positions at inpatient psychiatric hospitals and substance abuse programs. An Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA School of Medicine, he is committed to advancing the care and treatment within the mental health arena; as well as, the protocols surrounding controlled substances.  

In addition to his vast and progressive knowledge of the mental health and addiction fields, Dr. Sharma too places a tremendous effort on clinical research and serves as one of the founding partners of Asclepes Research Centers located in Panorama City, California.  

A graduate of Sawai Man Singh Medical College, Rajasthan University Medical School, Dr. Sharma is also affiliated with Encino Hospital Medical Center and Northridge Hospital Medical Center.

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