george alfred

George Alfred


Why do you work in this field?
Because I love the help people and see the results.

How long have you worked in this field?
7 years.

What do you bring to the table?
A positive influence and problem solving.

What are your ‘Super Powers’?
Turn negatives into positives.

What do you love about yourself?
I love that I have a big heart and I’m a positive person.

What’s your favorite positive quote?
With God all things are possible.

What words best describe you?
Funny, positive, big hearted, kind, respectful, motivated

Positive things you like to do?
Spend time with family and friends. Go to church and I like to go out to eat.

What do you like best about your job?
What I like best about my job is seeing the results in lives that I’m sometimes planting the seed.

What’s the greatest thing you ever did?
The greatest thing I’ve ever done was go to treatment and do a complete 180 to change my lifestyle.

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?
Mechanically inclined. Technology smart.

Who are your ‘mentors’?
Joel Osteen

What is something you think everybody deserves to have?
I think everyone deserves to be loved regardless of what they’ve done in their past.

How do you see yourself?
I see myself as a motivated positive influence. I’m a hard worker and goal achiever.

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