Scott D. Brown


Dedicated, passionate, and understanding, Scott continues to build upon what he started in the detox and rehab residents, and now our treatment center. He personally has gone through recovery and knows the cycle of addiction that his family and friends believed he would die from an overdose. “Since becoming clean, relapse isn’t part of my story.”

Seeing the damage he caused his family and friends, Scott turned for help and found treatment and techniques that helped him mend his relationships and protect himself from relapse. Breaking the cycle of addiction has become even more important to Scott as his wife and children have become his future. Not falling to the unforeseen circumstances of the streets, drugs or alcohol, but focusing on family and friends and the time that they have together.

Scott has found joy in his family, helping others and playing softball. Through Solutions Based Treatment and Detox, he is able to share his story with so many and wants them to be able to share their success stories as well.

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